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Walk the Walk

Updated: Apr 5

I have undergone many transformations that have brought me closer to the person I have grown to love - someone who lives consciously with compassion, love, and kindness, free from fear of self.

From a young age, it was clear that I was different. Coming from a family with a history of trauma and mental health struggles, I faced learning difficulties and social challenges. Despite this, I possessed a unique ability to observe people and an insatiable curiosity.

Growing up amidst conflicting truths within my family, I developed a fascination with truth, which later became a guiding principle in my life. I began my journey of self-healing early on, listening in on adult conversations and asking probing questions to gain insight into the world around me.

Despite being labeled as gifted, I always approached life with humility, grateful for the experiences and knowledge gained through self-directed healing and following my intuition. Each person I encountered became a source of wisdom and learning, helping me navigate struggles related to gender, sexuality, mental health, and the impact of gaslighting.

Through introspection and storytelling, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and insight. While some may attribute my abilities to a "gift," I believe that my curiosity, drive, and need for understanding have played a more significant role in shaping my perspective and experiences.

As I invite you into my world and mind through my writing, I hope to challenge, inspire, and provoke thought. While my candid approach may not be for the faint of heart, I aim to offer simplicity and humor amidst life's complexities. Your feedback and criticism are welcome, as I continue to share my stories and lessons in the hopes of connecting with others on a deeper level. Welcome to the journey that has shaped the person I have become, and I invite you to see me from an honest and authentic perspective.

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